Thumbnail threads

From the manual... "Thumbnail threads: This determines how many background threads Opus will use to generate thumbnails. As thumbnail generation is mostly a CPU intensive task (decoding JPEG images, for example), increasing the number of threads can greatly speed up the generation of thumbnails. We don't recommend setting this to a number higher than the number of CPUs in your computer.
So I have 2 CPUs with 6 cores each, hyperthreading on so 24 appear in performance monitor... so I still should set this to 2 threads ?
Is that correct ?


You could go up to 24 threads, although you might find also fewer than 24 is better if that many causes too much SSD/HDD contention.

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Hey there FYI on Opus 11.x when saving the settings etc, it always reverts to 8 threads, even if it has be set and saved to say 12. This may not be an issue in later versions. Thanks.

Apologies, I wasn't aware of that limit myself.

In the next update, we'll increase the hard limit from 8 to 32 threads. (I don't know if going as high as 32 would make sense, but on a 12-thread i7-8700K and fast SSD, going up to 12 threads seems to work well, at least for JPEGs. Thumbnailing videos over the network, using the shell to generate the thumbs, seemed to cause a few files to be skipped until a refresh, however. I'm not sure if that was due to the number of threads or something else, but if you run into similar, try reducing the count.)

When loading a configuration, Opus also limits the number of threads to the number of CPU threads (since the configuration might be saved on a machine with more cores/threads, especially with portable versions of Opus).

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