Thumbnail toolbar & Folder Tree filename length

Folder tree bug - long file name result folder tree auto adjust to see long folder name. this might be intuitive but it is actually not and I recorded a video to show why.

looking at vid, see that it auto adjust folder tree (left/right position) and centers or show beginning letter of the long folder name, thus if there are any short folder name in it's vicinity (above or below it), you cannot fully get the names of those folder and have to scroll back. now imagine doing this 10's 100s of times especially dealing with japanese, chinese characters which always name long.

also, if one wish to quickly switch between folder this will create a lot of inconvenience for the user, please fix this or allow user to turn this feature off.

Thumbnail toolbar bug/feature (unsure if intended, but allow user to turn off if it is)

settings not saving, recorded a 2nd video here:

as you can see switching between view mode "detail" and "thumbnail" brings back the thumbnail tool bar (ie toolbar that has rotate, thumbnail size etc) even though I save it as default it doesnt change this. please fix this as it is extremely annoying to toggle between folders as switching between folders doesnt bring back the bar but everytime changing to thumbnail will bring it back. I do not wish for more vertical space cluster and I have other tools to allow rotation and can use ctrl+mousewheel to enlarge thumbnail.

Neither of these are bugs, so I've removed the bug-report tag etc.

For the folder tree, there are various options for when/how/whether it scrolls horizontally, under Preferences / Folder Tree / Options. Each enables a different mode of the standard Windows tree control, and isn't something custom Opus does.

Under Horizontal scrolling style, you might want the "Manual scrolling only" or "No scrolling or scrollbar at all" options.

For the thumbnails/images toolbar, turn it off under Preferences / File Display Modes / Toolbars.

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ah ok thanks for helping out. looks like I have to look harder in the options section.