Thumbnail View - zoom-in thumbnails beyond actual image resolution


Excuse me if this was already asked but I didn't manage to find a related post.

I have my max thumbnail size set to 512x512.
Recently I've started experiencing eye strain when working with small images so I tend to enlarge them beyond their maximum size if needed as to not constantly stare at tiny pixels when I'm forced to.

In dopus the thumbnails - no matter how large their setting is in preferences - never increase the image size beyond the files' actual dimensions.

For example with 128x128px flag images. In dopus they look like this:

While I'd like them to look like this:

IrfanView in the example has "Stretch Images to Thumb size" option:

Before anyone suggests, using irfanView instead of dopus is not an option, even if I see the thumbnails I can't do anything meaningful with them, script manipulations, actual "file management" and so on.

Please consider this when deciding on any upcoming new features for dopus.
Thank you.

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