Thumbnail wraparound


I'm not sure if this is something I haven't figured out how to do or if the functionality simply doesn't exist but the problem/feature request is this:

I'm in the thumbnails mode, viewing a directory with, say, 3 rows of image thumbnails in the file view and viewer pane enabled. I click on the first image on the first row, then press right arrow key to see each of the images at a time in the viewer pane. I would expect it to move on to the next row when I reach the last image on the row but it doesn't. I either have to use the mouse or press Home and down arrow to get to the first image of the second row.

So, how do I enable this kind of functionality? Or can I?

I wouldn't be against making the cursor wrap around.

Whether or not that ever changes, you can bind a key to Select NEXT to do what you want, or use the little arrows at the top of the viewer panel.

(In the separate viewer window you can use space and backspace to move between images but that doesn't work in the viewer panel.)

Ok, I might try the keybind thing...

While playing with the thumbnail stuff, I noticed a smallish bug; When there are enough thumbnails in a file view that you need to scroll down to see the last ones, you can't scroll far enough to see more than two lines of their labels. To see this the last files must have long enough file names to fill 3 or more lines. This also prevents image resolution and file size from being shown for the files of the lowest thumbnail line (if these are set to be shown). Also, visible label lines must obviously be set to 3 or more.

Focusing has no effect on this. Inline renaming of one of the partially shown file names still only shows 2 lines, but at least you can scroll up and down the entire long file name in those. Tried with and .8

I can confirm that. Looks like a small bug since if you rename a file then the extra space (that it already needed) is added to the bottom.

I've pasted your message into a bug report to GPSoft so it's in the bug database.