Thumbnails in flat view

When i switch to flat view and turn on thumbs, they do not generate automaitcally for the entire folder. They only generate as i scroll. I have the option to load thumbs automatically.

Is there a way to get it to generate thumbs automatically when in flat view

also, in ... if i remove the make square in thumbnais, the apply button does not light up, so i am unable to save those settings.

All the Make Square option does is tie the width and height together. If you turn it off it just means you can change the width or height without affecting the other. Until you actually change one of them there is nothing to save or apply.

I don't know about your first question. It may be by design but I'm not certain. Hopefully Jon can tell us for sure.

To me it seems like it works in reverse to how you're describing it. If I switch to Flat View and then turn on thumbs, it does load them all automatically - however if I switch to thumbs mode first and then turn on Flat View, it doesn't. Either way it would seem to be a bug.