Thumbnails instead icons for Word files

Hi forum,

it seems that it is still not possible in Explorer or Opus to get thumbnails for Word files (where the "preview" option has not been set when the respective Word file was saved) .

However, if anyone is aware of a hack or a third party tool that DOES generate Thumbnails for all Word files (without having to re-save them), I'd be very happy to know about it.

Regards David.P

It might be possible to write a Word macro or some VBScript which re-saves the files with the preview option turned on automatically. You could then run that on all your .doc files, or put it on a context menu or button so you can select individual .doc files and re-save them in a single click.

If you literally want to avoid re-saving them (rather than the manual process involved in doing so via the Word UI) then I don't know of a solution, since Word's thumbnail provider requires the previews to be embedded in the files and the files need to be re-saved to add them.

You might be better off asking on a forum about using Word, since this is more a question about Word than anything else, and affects Explorer as well.

Thanks Leo