Thumbnails on folders are pixelated

After switching from 12 to 13 my icons on my folders are all pixelated, almost as if they were low res and then blown up.

I'm not sure if this is the new normal for 13 or if the thumbnail cache needs rebuilt. I took a minute to find the setting by search "cache" but didn't find anything.

Mmm... I tried a new folder and those thumbnails look fine. So I think I have to rebuild the cache for anything created before the switch.

edit: Clearing the cache fixes problem. (have to leave the folder and return other wise it still shows the old thumbnails)

I don't understand why my thumbnails got messed up. I guess it isn't that big of a deal.

The cache should be cleared after updates, I think, but I'll double check that's true.

There are new settings for how thumbnails (for some file types) are scaled up when the image itself is smaller than the thumbnail size. Those can make things look pixelated, depending on which mode is chosen.

If you type "pixelated" into Preferences it finds all the related options. Each one also has a button on the left which copies the choice to all the other modes, if you want them all the same. (It can also be overridden for specific folders, if needed.)

I believe mine is identicle to yours. I assume you are saying that those are the correct settings.
here is mine

As I said things seem to be correct after clearing cache. hope that helps

First I hope this is readable, I am not drunk but something isn't right...
When the folder has more than one item that has a thumbnail the images are each 1/4 of the folder icon, but when there is only 1 thumbnailable item the image is 1/1 on the folder icon. The the preview gets expanded to fill the folder icon. On 12 it stays as the 1/4 but is in the middle instead of one of the corners. I tried change the settings you showed to not scale the image up, but that didn't fix the problem. I assume I don't have to clear the cache when changing that setting. I also tried the smooth upscaling option to try to make it look less pixelated, but it didn't seem to change it.

I tried to compare settings in 12, but it seems things have changed a lot. I can't figure out what keeps it small on 12. I am fine with the large image, but i need a way to make it look "not horrible"

edti: when the icon is 1/4 it looks fine, but when it is 1/1 it is badly pixelated even when choosing smooth upscaling.

"Correct" depends what you want.

The options that say "pixelated upscaling" are not correct if you don't want pixelated upscaling. Change it to one of the other options, whichever does what you want.

Can you check my update post. I thought my original problem was completely solved, but I did more tests and tried to explain in better detail what I was seeing.

The post starts with "Update:"

Works OK here. Make sure you adjusted the settings for folder thumbnails:

in your image the thumb nail is at the same scale as when there are 4. On mine the single image is the size of all 4 small thumbnails. So in other words almost the size of the folder icon.

Presumably you have a different Resize Mode set for folder thumbnails in Preferences, compared to the one in my screenshot?

Ah, I see. My settings literally say pixelated upscaling. Well that's on me. I have no idea when or how that happened.

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