Thumbnails slow to load

I have been using Opus for many years now but have always had this issue.
I have browsed through this forum many times and tried all possible solutions, but the problem persists.

90% of the time when I load Opus, thumbnails for all types of files and folders takes a long time to load. Even if i go back to a folder where the thumbnails were previously loaded they disappear and I have to wait for them to load again. Sometimes rebooting my PC solves the problem, but not always.

It just seems to slow the whole of Opus down, even if I try to open the Preferences dialog box while it is loading thumbnails, nothing happens, but it will pop up a few minutes later.

However, it only happens on my home PC (and my previous home PC). On my work PC it has never been a problem. I have been through the entire Preferences section on both PC's to make sure all settings match. The only difference between the two that I can think of is that my home PC has Norton installed, whereas work PC uses Avast. I read somewhere here that Norton can slow down thumbnail loading so I have blocked it from scanning the Opus thumbnail folder as suggested but this didn't make any difference. I also tried turning off icon handlers (?) in shellextview and this worked for a while on my previous home PC but not on my current one (If i turn off handlers for Windows it causes problems).

I'm really at a loss here as I've tried everything but nothing seems to solve the problem.
Both PC's use Windows 10.

ps. apart from this problem though I absolutely love Opus

When you say all types of files, have you seen it primarily with images, or videos, or text files as well?

Is it in all folders, or just particular ones or types of folders? (Maybe network drives, or folders containing shortcuts, etc.)

If you turn off the thumbnail cache in Opus, does that make a difference? (Antivirus scanners usually cause problems with the caching side more than the generation side.)

Does that mean you can't turn them off on the new one to test that, or that turning it off didn't help and also caused other problems?

If the issue is with icon handler shell extensions, it's likely to be only one of them that's causing the problem, while the rest can be left enabled.

The icon overlay extensions are also involved here.

You could try making some Process Snapshots while thumbnail generation is happening and slow, which may let us see where the bottleneck is.

Thanks for the reply Leo,
Its all types, folders/files, image files, movie files etc. in all locations.
I have a number of pages in my default lister and when i click through them when I first open Opus all the thumbnails on each page are always there, I'm guessing because they're first in the cache?
Its when I start opening folders (all types/locations) and switching back and forth between folders that the slow loading starts.
I tried turning off cache last night but it gave me a 'not responding' so i had to restart.
Re: icon handlers, no it didnt help and caused other problems (I coundn't open various apps, etc.).
On my last PC I seem to remember turning all of them off awith no issues and the thumbnails did load much quicker, whereas when I tried that on my current PC it was the Windows handlers that caused problems when i turned them off. So i left all of them on, and have the non-windows handlers off.
I will try on the weekend turning off each Windows handler individually and also do the Process Snapshot thing.

Thanks very much for your help!!

The latest beta may also be worth a try as it has a workaround for an issue Windows has when generating thumbnails for some types/folders.

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