Thumbnails won;t generate


Needed to install klite to get a movie editor to work properly. Thumbnails then stopped appearing in the folder. All Movie file types work fine and play in WMP, and appear in the viewer pane.

I have restored computer and re-installed ffdshow pack. However about 90% of files will not generate a thumbnail. WMV FLV, MP4. Any filetype really.

I have emptied the thumbnail cache to start again, but no luck.

Picture files are OK. Just movies.

Had another go cleaning out old codecs, reinstalling filters splitters and codecs.

All the movie files work fine, but dopus seems to just hang trying to generate thumbnail. Once this happens in a folder it can't seem to get any farther. Other folders it will do all files immediately.

Are you using 64-bit Windows?

32 bit.

They generate after a few hours, but most, not all, wmv files have black thumbnail. The file plays OK in the viewer pane.

The same files used to get thumbnails okay?

If so it's got to be a difference in the codecs installed now vs then.

You can change how long/hard Opus searches for a non-black frame via the Opus Movie viewer plugin's configuration. (Settings -> Preferences -> Plugins.) That may help things, or at least mean Opus gives up quicker.

some success of sorts by reinstalling WMP11 and then the klite pack then splitters. Still some files mp4 or flv with black thumbs, but wmv OK now it seems

Only mp4 seem to cause trouble now. Last time it happened you gave me an alternative mp4 splitter registry entry and that solved it. This time neither seem to work.