Thumbs CD-Jewel | How to ignore subfolders?


I use the thumbnailview of DOpus.
The CD-Jewels are great.
But DOpus doesn't view these Jewels, if an album-folder includes another subfolder.

for example (DOpus Thumbs with cd-jewelcase, album-folders containing .mp3/.mpc/*.flac):

Album-folder included:

  • folder.jpg
  • no subfolders
    GREAT :slight_smile:

Album-folder included:

  • folder.jpg
  • one or more subfolders
    not so pretty :frowning:

Thank you for any hints.
P.S. I am sorry, if this was questioned before. Used the search. Doesn't got any clues.
regards, turrican

Copy folder.jpg to coverart.jpg and Opus will display it as a jewel-case regardless of what's below it.

BTW, it isn't because there are sub-folders; it's because there aren't music files.

mmh, I'm afraid to disagree.
My music archive contains mp3, mpc and flac files. In every folder I have a "folder.jpg" cover-image.[ul][li]Every folder, which just contains the music files (beside additional log-files) and the "folder.jpg", die folder thumb (cd-jewelcase) is displayed like in example 1.[/li][li]Every folder, which contains also subfolders (like "CD1" and "CD2") is displayed like Example-2. If i would copy all the file just in one folder, the thumb would be displayed like in Example-1.[/li][/ul]

Nevertheless, thank you for the tipp about "coverart.jpg". Works perfectly fine :slight_smile:
Except, that the original Windows Explorer doesn't like "coverart.jpg". But, up to now, I don't see any cases, why I should go back to the Microsoft Explorer.

In your example, presumably all the music files are in the CD1 and CD2 subfolders, not in the folder itself?

What I meant is, if you have a folder full of music and it also has a subfolder, you'll still get the jewel case. If you move all the music files into the subfolder then you won't get the jewel case automatically anymore but just having the subfolder (e.g. to contain other files, like bonus videos etc.) shouldn't prevent the jewel case.

True, that's why I said copy, not rename. :slight_smile: That way Explorer will still see folder.jpg while Opus sees both and uses coverart.jpg and a jewel case.

I think folder.jpg is also used by Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center, FWIW.

Of course, it's really easy to find & copy all coverart.jpg to folder.jpg at a later date if you don't think you need the folder.jpgs now but later discover you do, so it doesn't really matter either way. :slight_smile: