Timer not updating in real time


Right now I am doing a very large copy job and I am finding that the elapsed time is updating but the remaining time isn't. Is this a bug?

Directory Opus Light 12.2 Build 6135 x64
OS 10.0 (B:14393 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

Thank you :slight_smile:

That depends if you have counting files before copying disabled or enabled.
I saw few times situation when remaining time "frozen" for some reason when counting files was enabled (for large number of files), but mostly works ok.

Thank you for getting back to me- it did the counting thing at the start then it will start to copy every file (and it still going since I made the topic). Every now and then it will go 1%, 2% and so on but the time remaining will just stay at 3:49:54 remaining.
Everything else is working just that one thing.

Would this bug get fixed?

Ah, it's like in my case - I have the same situation when I copying large number of files. I thought that was just accident but now I think it is a bug.

Time remaining is an estimation, Opus isn't a time machine and so doesn't know exactly how long things will take. If, for example, your average transfer speed was gradually going down then it would certainly be possible for the time remaining to stay the same or even go up for a while.

But DO may change this during time. This looks like some freeze. I saw of course programs that shows remaining time bad or change it in crazy way, but never saw timer that stops. Most times these type of timers are updated every x seconds (recalculating remaining time), slow down at the end or (in worst case) shows zero before copying ends.

If it still showed 3:49:54 remaining just before it finished then I agree that would be a problem. Does it?

In my case, as I remember, timer stops to the end.

Please take a screenshot of the dialog next time it happens.

Rare situation because in my case that happens, like in Danielx64 case, when I copying huge number of files (new HDD, huge backup etc). But if I'll remember, I'll made sceenshot (although will not be different that Danielx64 screenshot).

The screenshot above is still only about 50% of the way through the copy so there's no real indication that the timer has "stopped".

BTW. Is it normal that while copying big file I see for few seconds time remaining and then for another few seconds bytes remaining and it changes every 7-8 seconds? I think it may be made by purpose but I'm not sure.

Yes, it's normal.

Just for info: The last days I got some larger HDD's and copied ~10 TB (mixed files from large to small) in three copy progresses... timer was always updated and estimated time near to real time needed.