To delete or not - extra button


Can an extra "delete button" be placed by the or on the status bar at the bottom? either fixed or floating? :thumbsup:

Thank you for providing such a dedicated resource :thumbsup:

Buttons can only be placed on toolbars, but you can put toolbars along any edge of the window (as well as between certain things, like the two halves of a dual file display window).

Thank you, got it to work by making new tool bar and moving to bottom between dual display ie float and then fix.

Your patients must be unlimited as you must get asked so many frustrating repeat questions. Due to your patients I am and I am sure many others are learning lots of new things and ways, due to your help and the forum.

Thank you :thumbsup:

Dr Leo loves his patients.

Cool, glad you found a way to get what you wanted. :slight_smile:

The court ruled that I had to stop calling myself a doctor. :frowning:

But there's no reason we can't call you Doctor Patience.