Toggle column depending on Folder Format

Hi guys,

I use the code below to toggle between sortby=modified and sortby=name, which works well in details mode with my default folder format.

@toggle disable @ifset:SORTBY=name Set SORTBY=modified SORTREVERSE=on @ifset:else Set SORTBY=name SORTREVERSE=Off SORTORDER=Folders
Is it possible to combine this with the code below so I can sort by different columns (name & track number) using another folder format (i.e. music)?

@toggle disable @ifset:SORTBY=name Set SORTBY=mp3track SORTREVERSE=off @ifset:else Set SORTBY=name SORTREVERSE=Off SORTORDER=Folders
Currently I use two hotkeys to accomplish this.



You could make it do different things based on the path you're in, or the display mode, or which columns are visible.

I don't think there is a way for buttons or scripts to find the name of the current folder format (it's usually vague, since it can be a mix of multiple formats plus ad-hoc edits, so it would not work well even if there was a way to get the information).