Tool to strip erroneous characters from filenames

I see all of my old links to the website are now dead. As well, I know there use to be a tool that could be incorporated into a bar that removed underscores and the like from filenames. However, I can't find it.

Any idea on where a similar one can be found now?

Thanks inadavnce,

Was it perhaps Tanis's TitleCase Rename ?

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Could very well be. I have that but thought it was only for changing the Title (case) but not underscores, etc.

Much thanks.

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My titlecase prog does the following:

[ul]1. Converts multiple spaces to a single space (up to 10 spaces).
2. Replace any _ with a space.
3. Replace any %20 with a space.
4. Capitalise all words in the filename (excluding the extension).
Except for, articles, prepositions and conjunctions
unless they are either:
- The first word in a filename.
- Are immediately after a fullstop, dash or opening parentheses.
- Or the letter I.
5. Converts the extension to lower case.[/ul]