Toolbar configuration problem


I just upgraded to Directory Opus 11.5 x64 and I am running into a problem when I use the lister drop down menu to switch between lister modes (e.g., switching from a single to duel vertical lister).

Specifically, my customized toolbar configuration switches back to what appears to be the default toolbar configuration whenever I switch modes. Please see the attached video capture.

Am assuming that this is a configuration problem or bug as the problem did not occur in previous versions.

A fix would be appreciated.

Thank you… (1.24 MB)

With the toolbars how you want them, use Settings / Toolbars / Set as Default Toolbar Set.

That is probably all you need to do.

If you still have problems, go to Settings / Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Styles and edit each of the styles, turning off the Toolbar checkbox. (By default, the styles all switch to the Default Toolbar Set, which is why the first step should be all you need.)