Toolbar for Subversion / TortoiseSVN?

Has anyone created a toolbar for working with TortoiseSVN? I know I could do something to interact with the svn command but I like TortoiseSVN's GUI better than DOS. Would it be possible to interact with TortoiseSVN via a DDE interface or something? Any thoughts? Thanks.

You may be able to do it via the ContextMenu command, although Tortoise seems to add things to context menus in an unusual way so I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't work.

I've made buttons which run the CVS command-line directly but then you don't get the GUI stuff that Tortoise gives you.

Has anything progressed with this? Im loving Dopus (just registered) and reaslise how much I have missed a decent file manager since I got rid of my A1200 a long long time ago.

I would really like to see a subversion add on... or even just a way of getting the subversion menu items to appear by default on the DOpus menus.

Thanks - Sam

The Tortoise SVN items do appear in Opus context menus, just like they do in Explorer (unless Tortoise SVN has broken things again by changing the weird way it adds context menus). I think (perhaps wrongly) that the original post is about adding items from those context menus onto Opus toolbars for easier access.

Tortoise CVS menus certainly appear for me at work, although I haven't updated the version I use for a while.

Check that you haven't removed 3rd party menu items via Preferences, Miscellaneous, Windows Integration, Hide Winodws items on file context menus (shift overrides).

Thats the one!

I couldnt find that setting for the life of me! I knew it must be somewhere...

However, I dont think I ticked it myself. Is it checked by default in the latest version of Dopus?

I had already worked out the shift thing..