Toolbar has appeared

I now have a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. It has Left,Right and up arrows, Favorites icon and the curent disc drive. Twice. How do I remove it ?

Do you mean there's a toolbar floating on its own, or attached to the side of the screen, separate from any main Opus window?

Right-click on the edges of it, or the gripper on the left, or an empty space, and there's a Close option there.

It was attached to the bottom of the screen, above the windows task bar. I tried right clicking on it and didn't see a Close. However it has now vanished as mysteriously as it appeared.

Toolbars don't float or close by themselves, so something must be causing it. Either dragging a toolbar out of the lister, or a button or script you have which is running commands to turn it on and off.

Edit: It's possible you're seeing this issue:

If so, try updating to 12.18.2 beta, and if it happens again, please try the WindowInfo diagnostic mentioned in that thread.

A screenshot of what happens would also reveal more and tell us if it's that issue, or just normal toolbar floating/docking.

The thread you pointed to is what happened to me. I will try the Beta. It has only happened once.

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