Toolbar Icon Size

What I am trying to do is make the icon size bigger for one of my toolbars. I'm using this toolbar for sorting, so the icon needs to be quickly recognizable and large so it's easy to drag and drop files to.

Right now I have the icons set to large on the toolbar but they are still too small. I am aware of registry settings to change the icon sizes but I do not want to affect icons system wide. I also have DPI scaling on as well.

Is there any setting or trick I am missing that would allow me to get bigger icons in my toolbar? Thanks!

How large do you want them?

The built-in icon images exist in sizes of 22x22, 32x32, 48x48 and 64x64, but Opus can scale them to other sizes (including larger) if you wish, or alternative icon sets can be used.

This icon set shows an example of how to add an alternative icon set which re-uses the build-in icons at different sizes: Internal, Small Icons for Context Menus -- It reduces the normal size, but the same thing can be used to increase it.

The .dis file can be renamed .zip to loo inside in, and you'll find an xml file within. (No icons, unlike most icon set downloads, since it reuses the built-in ones.)

DPI Aware Icon Sets in the manual explains how the scaling works based on the icon sizes and DPI scale factors or ranges defined in the XML.

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Thanks Leo, pretty sure this is what I was looking for. Will get back to you and let you know how it went once I have the time.

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Alright, looks like this is exactly what I was looking for. I managed to make an icon set with the largest icon size Directory Opus Supports at 64 x 64 and everything looks really good. Thanks for your help on that Leo, greatly appreciated!

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Opus supports larger than 64x64, just to correct that. It can resize the built-in 64x64 images to larger versions, or use images which are already larger to start with.

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Ah, good to know. 64 x 64 is plenty enough for me but it would be great to make a HTPC interface with larger icons. This is why I love Directory Opus, so many ways to customize it. Now I just need to learn how to script to do some of the more advanced things I want to do.

Just to clarify the solution to a total dunce like me:
If I like the default small/large icon sizes but would like to create one special floating toolbar with icon sizes larger than the default large size (to, say, 128x128) I need to create this custom .DIS iconset for it to work, correct?

You don't have to, but it might make startup faster if you do. If we're talking about the internal icons then making an icon set is also the easiest way to get them in additional sizes.

You may need to turn off the Preferences/Toolbars option which scales down large icons to standard sizes.

This was the bit I was missing - thanks, Leo!