Toolbar icon sizes / Open In Tabs button

how can I make the top row of icons larger? (screenshot, upper left)

Can i remove the "OPEN IN TABS" button? (screenshot, upper RIGHT)

Thank you

If you're using Opus 11 on a high DPI setup, the easiest thing is to upgrade to Opus 12, which supports high DPI and has high DPI toolbar icons built-in (and will scale other icons if needed).

Opus 11 predates high DPI support.

To remove the Open In Tabs button, you can add an argument to the command which is generating it and the other buttons there. What is the command you have put there at the moment?

Thanks for the reply.
I am happy to update to v12 if the "look and feel" of the interface is mostly the same. I dont have the time to learn new software right now. Is it pretty much work the same> ie. the favorites? Can I import my settings (big fonts)?

You asked what command I put in that caused OPEN IN TABS button.
I dont know how to put commands in or write code. I thought that was a default. I do have special fonts, etc. that's about it, as far as i can tell.

thanks again

As long as you install over the top of your existing settings, nothing much will be lost. You can turn your old toolbars back on afterwards if desired: Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade.

Font sizes will be reset, as part of the new high DPI support, but you'll probably find you do not need to adjust those as Opus will automatically use larger (in pixels) fonts on high DPI machines now. If you do need to adjust font sizes, it's just a few clicks in Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts for most of them.

You're using a custom toolbar so the buttons/commands on it must have come from somewhere. You can edit the button to find out what the command is like this:

  • Select Settings > Customize Toolbars to go into toolbar editing mode.
  • Where the list of favorites was on your toolbar, there should now be a single button which is what generates them. Right-click it and choose Edit.

If it runs the Favorites command, you'll want to add NOOPENINTABS to the line.

For example, if the old command was just Favorites on its own then the new one would be Favorites NOOPENINTABS

(Or if the old command was Favorites SHOWICONS USEQUALKEYS the new one would be Favorites SHOWICONS USEQUALKEYS NOOPENINTABS. And so on.)