Toolbar STATE above or below File Display border

Can toolbars be added to the File Display border (or status bar) ?

For example, things like the thumbnail size buttons affect either source or destination depending on which one has focus. This often means switching focus before you can apply certain functions. Of course this applies to the standard file display view modes and many more things as well.

I guess i'm requesting a few more Toolbar STATE options, just to cover all possible customization. :grin:

  • Above the border
  • Above the border (including folder tree)
  • Below the border
  • Above the folder tabs
  • In-between status bar and folder tabs
  • Below the status bar
  • Below the status bar (including folder tree)

This would mean all tools in those toolbars would be duplicated for each view when either Dual Vertical or Dual Horizontal views are used. But so are the border and status bar. I think it might be very useful to be able to add more functions there. I would prefer to keep the status bar and file display border itself as they are.

Maybe then the status bar could also be 'promoted' to being a Toolbar rather than a fixed thing in settings?
Just some ideas.

ps. Wasn't there a requests category? I don't see it in the list.

I think the solution may be creating possibility to open set of windows and move them together (one attached to another). For example - it will be nice if I can open four separate single listers, two floating toolbars etc. and combine them together - like playlist attached to aimp or other programs that allows link windows. Ok, I can open many listers by Opus function or by layout but still they're not linked and if I move one of them - rest remains on their places.

All I was able to do is made script that bring to front all linked (marked as linked) listers together or close them together. But if I could open linked layouts - it will be revolution. And it can be added to default Opus configuration for show how flexible this program is. Now default config shows only dual pane standard, which is not what makes people want to change from any other dual pane filemanager to Opus.

Also very interesting, but that's a whole other topic Peter. :grinning:
This is really about toolbar positions as listed here:

Help > Reference > Command Reference > Internal Commands > Toolbars > STATE

I was making buttons to toggle toolbars, but it doesn't allow for the positioning that i wanted.

I'm not sure it's so different. I'm just saying that my method can be more flexible and can make as you want and even more. Personally I don't see sense using dual mode with two separate toolbars for each side. It's the same as two single listers with their own toolbars (you can still using key shortcuts to copy files between them etc.). If you can open two of them using layouts, you'll get what you want (quote: "(...) things like the thumbnail size buttons affect either source or destination depending on which one has focus"). I only suggest that if these separate listers can be linked, it will be nicer (and even more - you can create 4 or 6 or more panel layout that moves together etc). But of course more arguments for Toolbar can be nice too.

We all know about putting windows side by side. But I wouldn't be asking for this if it was 'the same'. And there would be no Dual Display in the first place if the developers thought it was the same.

I'm not saying you couldn't do similar things with it,
but my question was very specific - not a quest for alternatives. :grin:

Probably could have worded it better.

There is only one File Display Toolbar, but you can edit it and add things like the thumbnail size slider to it, if you wish.

Not for a very long time (maybe 10+ years). People generally do not know if they are requesting a feature that is already in the program but which they need help discovering and using, or if they are asking for help with something they assume already exists but doesn't when they are really making a feature request. All separating the two areas does is mean people have to search in two different places, and we have to keep moving threads between places.

You can add a Feature-Request tag to posts, but it's largely there to encourage people to use it instead of adding ugly prefixes like "[FEATURE REQUEST]" to thread titles (which, as with separate areas, as frequently incorrect, as well as being unnecessary and inconsistent between different threads).

Absolutely, less is more.
Then i must be remembering a few of those tags.

Will get back to the toolbar positioning later. :wink: