Toolbars after update (Was: No response from GPSoft)


When I installed x64, it deleted some of my existing toolbars. I e-mailed GPSoft support about this several times and, later, Jon, and got no response. That is highly unusual. I believe i have a good relationship with the developers, so I wanted to ask others if they would have any explanation to why I have not gotten any response whatsoever.

I was able to reinstalled saved, older toolbars, so I am in good shape, but I wanted to ask anyway.


Hans L


It wasn't anything personal! :slight_smile: As far as I am aware there are no outstanding emails from you so your mail most likely was never received for some reason.

For Reference, and for spam issues such as this, all technical support is now done via the Web Site Support page and then this DOpus Resource Centre.

Okay, Greg, next time, I will use the web form.

Somehow, your provider(s) must reject my messages, without letting anyone know.

And if no- ne else ever had a problem with deleted toolbars, maybe my problem was a fluke.

Best regards,

Hans L

Try using the new Opus 10 toolbars. There is a good reason why we changed them.:slight_smile:

Okay, I will redo my toolbars. However, I must assume that something unintended happened when some of my toolbars were wiped out.


Hans L

Were they actually gone or just turned off?

Did they have the same names as any of the default toolbars?

Did you uninstall Opus before installing the update? (That would wipe your config.)

Good questions, Leo.

No, the toolbars were not just turned off. I checked that thoroughly. Did they had the same name as some of the default toolbars? Well, that might be the explanation; I do not know at this point. And I did not uninstall DOpus before updating.

I will, in a while, redo my toolbars and assume that what happened was a one-time thing.


Hans L

YOU may think there are good reasons to change, and if so then you can change YOUR settings to use them. But don't automatically change mine, especially after telling us in the v10 setup dialog that our settings will not be changed. I just recently installed v10 over v9 and the same thing happened to me. There are a number of changes you guys have seen fit to force upon us and I am sure you think you know what is best for us all. What you don't seem to understand is that because of the less than intuitive interface (which is frankly what you need to be changing), the average user takes years to learn how to really use this program and set it up exactly how they want it. The customization ability is certainly a strong point for Dopus but the amount of time it costs doing it is substantial. If you want to spend lots of your own time changing things then fine, but make them optional. And don't lie to us about how our own settings will be preserved if they will not be. I have wasted many hours now trying to figure out how to get things back the way it was before, which I had already spent many many hours tweaking. I feel like sending you a bill for my time. I am a long time customer but if you pull this kind of stuff again I am gone.

See the FAQ, Your old Opus 9 toolbars are still there after you install Opus 10.

What other settings did you have problems with? Almost all of them are preserved on an upgrade. Where they aren't, there is a good reason for it.

I am still discovering changes but for me they mostly have been involving display and layout issues, although I am also having performance problems which i suspect may be related to something in the settings which may have changed. For example, the folder content type detection was enabled automatically and the custom folder format rules I had used before (for specific locations) were gone. What I discovered was that restoring a v9 backup into v10 brought a lot of my old settings back, including the folder formats, but I am gradually finding things here and there that I have to adjust. Maybe I should be more understanding with what they call a "major upgrade" and that there may be some changes like this. But you know it takes YEARS to fine tune all these hundreds or maybe thousands of little settings and it's quite irritating to have to go back doing it again.

Folder content detection is off by default in Opus 10 (on a clean install) so upgrading from Opus 9 to Opus 10 shouldn't turn it on. As far as I can remember, it would be left as-is. There could be something more subtle at work, though, like the detection was always on but all the actual Content Type formats had been deleted before (so there was nothing to detect before) and the upgrade then added them back.

Folder Formats should be preserved on an upgrade, except possibly formats for virtual system folders, but the way the main ones (Computer and Desktop) are displayed is completely different in Opus 10 anyway, so those two would have to be reset. Normal folder formats should be preserved, though, unless something went wrong.

Since you've got a backup of your Opus 9 config, if you want to check if the performance issues you're seeing are config-related, you could do an uninstall (which will wipe your config) and then reinstall Opus 10, and see if you get the same issues with a completely default config.

If the issues are still there with the default config then it's probably something external to Opus (shell extensions, drivers, etc. as suggested in the other thread), since if there was a problem caused by the defaults then we'd definitely know about it by now (they're over a year old and we'd have had hundreds of complaints).

On the other hand, if the issues are gone with the default config, but come back when you import your Opus 9 config backup, then that points to something in the config as the trigger. If that happens you could send me your config backup, if you want, and I'll see if anything stands out as a likely cause.