Toolbars centered in the dual lister (change alignment)

in order to use something different, the original and own toolbars were copied

and placed them all in the center between the duallisters.

the menu bar (size) is adjusted according to the search field

If you change this, the selection arrows are moved to the edge.

if you copy the "view" command somewhere else, it remains behind!

the operation bar always keeps its size (always stays in the middle)

would have expected it to adapt to the upper one.

the alignment does not seem to work here (only possible with symbol)

would have liked everything to be left-aligned.

In the original operations bar, the selection menu is opened downwards.

the copy opens to the right

this can be changed for the menu bar

not for the operations because the setting option is missing here!

This seems to be several observations/issues, which makes it quite hard to follow (or know what you want us to look at and what's just an observation along the way), even before anyone starts replying to any individual point.

Please stick to one question per thread.

That's what happens when something is copied rather than moved. Looks like you were holding Ctrl when you dragged it.

Stacking vertical toolbars like that won't work well. It's not something we ever really considered or designed around, to be honest. Could be improved in the future, maybe, but I don't think many people need this, and you can just put everything on a single toolbar.

Menus have a preference for where they open, but if there isn't space on the screen in that direction, they'll open in another direction.

You can adjust it for menus but not for button-menus.