Toolbars messed up

I seem to have got into a bit of a mess with my toolbars.

All was fine until I deselect the Drives toolbar. Since then
whenever I enable this toolbar it is there but it is empty. Nothing I do will bring the drives back onto the toolbar.

I added a few custom buttons which work fine except that the text for them is not displayed, even though the option is selected.

The Settihgs | Toolbar function seem to be screwed up and the wrong toolbars are being activated or deactivated e.g. if I de-select 'Drives' from this menu then the Lister toolbar disappears. if I deselect the Lister toobar then the Menu toolbar disappears.

Can someone help me get out of this mess please?

Hmmm... definitely sounds like a mess, like your toolbars became cross linked or something.

Other than the fact that the wrong toolbars seem to appear depending on what you select/deselect under Settings->Toolbars, do any of them look wrong button-wise (except for the drives bar which I guess is trashed)?

Personally, I would export all your settings using Settings->Import and Export... and make sure to check every checkbox for the export settings tab. I would then poke around inside the .DOP files for your toolbars (inside notepad) and see what they look like... I'm wondering if the XML content of the toolbar files themselves is screwed up or maybe the files somehow got renamed or something weird. I'm sure me or some other user can upload our 'Drives' toolbar... which if you haven't modified yours should at least get that part of it back.

If you don't have anything personal in your toolbar buttons, you could post the XML for a few of the .DOP files and we could make sense of them online... or I'd take a look at them if you emailed a few and told me what sort of buttons you normally expect to see on each toolbar... e.g. if you "deselect the Lister toobar then the Menu toolbar disappears" then looking inside the Toolbar.DOP file might show you the XML of what's 'supposed' to be in the ListerMenu.DOP file... Not sure how this could have happened, but it should be fixable if it's just a topical problem like this and not something more deeply rooted that might require uninstall/reinstall...

Also, just so you know - a few users have just started reporting weird toolbar issues (albeit different than yours) after upgrading to Is this what you're running or are you still back at an 8.1.x.x release?

It's normal for the Drives toolbar to look more-or-less empty while you're still in customize mode since it'll just show a placeholder for the DriveButtons command. This command will expand into all your drives but only when not in Customize mode. Is that what's happening?

Check the Label State both for the individual buttons (edit them) and for the toolbar as a whole (in the Customize dialog). The two settings interact with each other and you may need to look at both together to get the full picture.

I haven't seen that before. Does it work if you turn toolbars on and off using other methods? e.g. Via the checkboxes in the Customize dialog (Toolbars tab)?

First off, yes this is 8.2.

Right, that was my problem, I can now get the labels displayed.

I haven't seen that before. Does it work if you turn toolbars on and off using other methods? e.g. Via the checkboxes in the Customize dialog (Toolbars tab)?[/quote]

Same thing either way. The actions are not applying to the correct toolbars whichever way I enable or disable them.

It's a longshot, but the 'other' users I mentioned having issues with toolbars had 2 very distinct and different problems, but it might be worth checking out Nudel's bit about user vs. shared configuration directories in that other thread.

Even so, that the toolbars are 'mixed up' is telling me that somehow the .dop files got renamed around...

Think I'm just going to wipe things and start again.

Is there a way to save my custom buttons before I do this?

Settings->Import and Export... is your friend :slight_smile:!

Though you may find yourself in the same mess when you then import that. :slight_smile:

Depending on your configuration mode your customized toolbars will be stored in either:

C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Buttons

(which always contains the default toolbars as well)


C:\Documents and Settings[u][/u]\Application Data\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Buttons

If you backup those .dop files then you should be able to fish out your commands after a reinstall. If you have trouble doing that just shout.

If you've made any User commands in the Customize dialog (not many people do so you probably haven't) then those are stored in the registry.

Doing a full Export as per Steje's mail is still a good idea in case you discover there's something you wanted to keep but didn't remember to backup. The exported file can always be manually inspected to get at the information inside it without importing all of it over your current settings.