Tooltip popup on upper right of mouse pointer over a folder not registering double-click

I've not encountered this ever in the past, now it's been occurring all the time in recent days. Windows explorer does not have this problem. I have not tested on earlier versions of DOpus, currently running 12.28.1

Instead of entering the folder when double-clicked the folder name will enter into edit mode. Note that if the mouse pointer moves off the tooltip (down and/or to the left) the double-click is registered and folder is changed.


Confirmed, only when the tooltip opens above the mouse pointer because there isn't room under it.

I think the tooltip is swallowing the first click. It's something the Windows tooltip control is doing but we should be able to stop that as we've done similar with them swallowing mousewheel messages.

If you do a single-click as long as the folder is already selected it will enter edit mode, so the tooltip isn't swallowing that click.

Thanks for the quick response!

Had same problem. There is an option to turn double click rename off.

The problem here is that the lister should be changing to, and showing the content of the double-clicked folder. The rename is separate and a side effect of what it SHOULD be doing. If I turn slow_dblclk_rename to false, yes it doesn't enter edit mode but it also doesn't change to the folder.

There's the double-click speed you can set in windows mouse settings. if you slow double-click that means it's not within the delay that is set within the windows mouse settings. As you can see in the gif from my original post the red circle appearing around the mouse pointer shows 2 clicks in rapid succession that are considered a double-click to windows and thus not 'slow' to DOpus.

The tooltip swallows the button-down event and also prevents a normal double-click event from happening (since the first click happened on the tooltip, not on the window where the second click arrives).

We should be able to work around it, though, when we get a chance to look in detail.