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Topmost Message Box


This extremely simple and small utility will display a message box with user-defined message and title. This message box will always stay above all other windows (except possibly full screen games) but will not steal focus (so for example if you are typing something and this message box pops up it will not interrupt your work).

I made it for my own needs several months ago (I use it with scheduled tasks as a reminder) because I needed reliable way for notification (regular scheduled tasks message box would display beneath other windows which was useless to me). I decided to post it here as it can be used in Dopus scripts, buttons etc.

Usage example:

topmostMsgBox.exe "Warp core meltdown!" "Warning"

External image no longer exists

If you run it without parameters it will display quick help:

External image no longer exists

Here is 7zip archive with this utility:

Topmost Message Box.7z (284.8 KB)

You can also find source code (C++) included in the archive.