TortoiseGit overlay doens't update while Explorer shows correctly

Initially Directory Opus displays unchanged icon for all of my versioned files.

Once I made changes to a file, Directory Opus still shows the unchanged icon, while Explorer correctly shows modified icon.

The following is DebugView output.

How do I let Directory Opus show modified icons?

If you refresh (F5) do the correct overlay icons appear, or are they still out of date?

Does it make a difference if you try with a path containing only ASCII characters? (Unicode characters should not be a problem, but it's worth testing in case something is going wrong somewhere.)

If you open Notepad, and point its File > Open dialog at the same folder, then modify some files in another program, do the icons change OK there?

I press F5, the icons are still out of date.

I created a test repository in D:. Explorer successfully detects the Modified state, while Directory Opus shows unmodified icons.

Open file dialog successfully shows Modified icon.

Do the correct icons show if you fully exiting Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) and then re-launch it?

Are there any settings within TortoiseGit about where / which programs the icons or shell extension appear in or how they are cached or updated? (e.g. TortoiseSVN has an option to show them nowhere, everywhere or just in Explorer.)

I rebooted my computer, it doesn't work.

TortoiseGit does have option to only show the icon in explorer, but I didn't check it.

If they're still wrong even after a reboot then I'm not sure what is happening. Opus is not directly involved in looking up which icon or overlay to use; it asks Windows, which in turn allows shell extensions like TortoiseGit to affect the outcome.

Perhaps an icon caching issue? (Clear Icon Cache might be worth a quick try.)

Turning off both Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Disable Tortoise icon overlays in the file display and Show TortoiseSVN status icons in the Status column, just above it, may also be worth a try, in case the hooks we use for TortoiseSVN are affecting TortoiseGit in some way. (AFAIK they shouldn't, but I might be wrong.)

A third thing that is also worth trying, as it fixed a similar issue for someone else:

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Hi Leo, I tweaked TortiseGit settings again, and now Directory Opus shows icons correctly. Thanks for your help!!

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