TortoiseSVN icons and context menus disappeared

I am using the latest version of Dopus on Window XP. I have been using TortoiseSVN for years and it has always worked fine (except for some lock ups when refreshing large repositories).

A couple of days ago the icon overlays and context menus for TortoiseSVN have inexplicably disappeared from Dopus, but still works normally in Windows Explorer.

I have not changed any settings or anything that I can think would have caused the problem.

Is it possible to revert to original configuration without uninstalling and reinstalling Dopus? I have tried reinstalling TortoiseSVN but it made no difference.

DOH solved...

I swear I did some searching before posting!

Anyway thanks to another post I realised I had this setting on:

Disabled it, restarted Dopus, and everything is back to normal.