Touch Screen Scrolling

Using Dopus with a touch screen. If I touch the scroll bar on the right of a pane it works "normally" I can scroll up/down just as if I used a mouse. However if I touch in the pane area and swipe up or down, nothing happens. Now I would expect this would be the way it works since that is how it works with the mouse. HOWEVER, doing the same thing in Windows Explorer (touching in the pane and swiping) causes the pane to scroll. Wondering why there is a difference. It is a fairly minor difference, but with big fingers and a little scroll bar it would be nice to swipe anywhere in the pane to evoke scrolling. This could become more of an issue in Win 10 when touch becomes more integrated (I am using Win 7 64).

I assume Explorer has been specially written to do that and it is not a standard feature of all system listview controls.

Drac144 I have a Gigabyte T1125 with touch screen. For some directories it scrolls nicely and for others it sits there ignoring me.

I've notice no pattern to directory which work or don't, but haven't done a big study of it thinking it was just a quirk of the t1125. When a directory in thumbnail mode doesn't scroll it stays that way even when the next does work.

Try a few directories or modes.

I tried a bunch of folders and NONE work with scrolling. Which is what I would expect.

Again, this is not a significant issue. I was just curious. Often when something is Dopus does not work as expected Leo will ask what happens when trying the same thing in WE. In this case WE is different. Not sure how hard this is to do (probably not too hard if it is done in WE).

Using DO on my tablet now for over 1 year and never had that issue (whether I use details, thumbnails,...).

Maybe different OEMs have touchscreen drivers with different behaviours? It's true for mouse and touchpad drivers but I don't know if it also happens with touchscreen drivers.

Maybe, because some screens also support pens (e.g. Wacom). BTW there's a noticable difference using touch on 7 oder 8 (support on 8 of course is much better, that could be the reason).

Good point! I guess the real test is how it will work on Win 10.