Trailing slash on {F}

Greetings Gurus, is there a way to get a trailing slash on folder names when using {F}?
Trailing slashes are on by default using {f}. Can it be enabled for {F}?

I think it works that way because {f} aka {filepath$} only returns a single path which sometimes also has a sub-folder/file name added on the end, while {F} aka {allfilepath$} returns multiple paths and doesn't make sense to add anything to (since it'd only be added to the last path, not all the others).

We also can't really change this now, as it would break existing buttons people are already using. (At least, we can't change the default. I guess we could add an argument to make it happen, but I don't think anyone else has ever asked for it in all the years it's been like this.)

If you need special formatting of paths which the {...} codes can't do built-in, scripting can do that fairly easily.

Thanks for the response, I'll explore the script option.