Transparent backgrounds of PSD files are white

Hi all

I was wondering why PSD files with a transparent background are displayed white. I have many psd files wit a transparent bg. And when i try to convert them to png's with opus convert image they are also converted with a white background.

Is this something that can be tweaked, or perhaps in the near future ?

I might be wrong but I suspect the flattened preview images saved within PSD files do not have an alpha channel and get composed on a white background when Photoshop saves them.

It's those flattened preview images which Opus, and most other PSD viewers, display. (To do otherwise would require being able to understand and render all of the Photoshop layers, paths, masks, blending styles, font properties, etc. etc. which I think would be almost like writing Photoshop itself.)

At least, I tried a couple of other tools and they also displayed PSDs on a white background. (Though one of the ones I tried turned out not to support alpha channels even for PNG files, so I guess I only really tried one other tool. :slight_smile:)

If you can find a tool which does otherwise then it'd prove my theory wrong and make this worth investigating further but I fear it's not possible.

Yes i think you're right.

I tried ardfry PSD codec and it has a white BG as well. Even adobe bridge puts them on a white bg.

Thanks for the help leo

Btw. I just noticed something really interesting.

Tiff files with an alpha channel are displayed with a transparent background on the windows desktop but not in windows explorer.

I have no idea how this is possible but I really would like opus to display tif files with an alpha channel on a transparent background.

Let me know your thoughts please.

Send GPSoft a feature request. I doubt TIFF alpha support would be difficult to add.

Will do leo. Thanks for your reply :wink:

Opus now has TIFF alpha support.