Transparent floating toolbar?

hy there,

i cannot find that option wich makes my floating toolbar on my desktop transparent.

can you help me pls?

thx a lot mates.


Right-click on the toolbar in a place where there isn't a button. (e.g. on the gripper at the left or the titlebar, or on a separator line.)

If you've turned off the gripper and titlebar and you have no separators nor blank space without any buttons then you can temporarily turn the gripper (or whatever) back on using the Customize dialog.

gnaaa. there it is... thx a lot mate :wink:


I've noticed in Opus 9 that when highlighting a transparent toolbar, the backbround becomes shaded. It's possible to closely match the desktop's color with the eye dropper tool, but it still remains shaded.

Is there a setting whereby the floating toolbar can retain its transparency whether higlighted or not ?


This is improved in Opus[ul][li]...[/li]
[li] Transparent floating toolbars now remain transparent when the mouse is over them - they only fade in to solid if the shift key is held down[/li]
[li]...[/li][/ul]Full list of changes here: [Directory Opus