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Trial Needed


I'm sorry, but I'm confused. Is the only way to submit a personal support request to post to a public discussion forum? I'm more than a little hesitant to post my purchase details here.

I am a registered user of version 10. I apparently signed up for a trial of version 12 in December but never got around to using the trial.

I recently developed problems with version 10 making it almost impossible to use. I downloaded version 12 yesterday to see if it would fix my problem, but was not allowed to run it because my trial had expired.

I don't want to have to pay to upgrade to find out if version 12 will solve my problem. Is there any way to get another trial? It wouldn't have to be very long for me to find out.


No need to post any personal details here. But this forum is only for technical support. For licencing issues (including extended trials) please email We can certainly enable another trial period for you.


Thank you. Amazingly quick response. I really appreciate it.


Thanks for the email. I have just replied to you on how to obtain a new evaluation.

If you have any issues with version 12, please post a report here.