Trigger to automatically rename the files

Hi all. I'm not an advanced user, I don't even have an idea of how to ​​code :blush:. I need to share Labels and Status with other colleagues, and I have seen that programs like OneDrive delete Labels and Status when they synchronize. I have thought about the following solution:

If I add the Status “In process” and “Easy” to the file “list-01.doc”, it is renamed to “list-01 [In process, Easy].doc” and if I subsequently remove the Status “In process”, it will automatically be renamed back to “list-01 [Easy].doc”. Thanks to our DearAndy and his wonderful blog I have managed to make that renaming work manually, but I would like to know if there is any way that the rename would do it automatically whenever I add or remove a tag.

That file would come to my colleagues with the name “list-01 [Easy].doc” but DO would not really understand it as a Status or a Label. My second question is, would there be a way to make my colleagues' DO know how to read that when there is a “list-01[Easy].doc” file, the Status or Label “Easy” would be automatically added as such?

Thanks a lot!

You could make wildcard labels which automatically apply to any files with *[Easy]* in the name, and similar.

And have buttons which add or remove suffixes like [Easy] to filenames in a click. (Slightly more complicated, but still fairly simple to do, would be a button which toggled a suffix on and off in the filename.)

Those together would be able to take care of everything on both machines, I think.