Trojan detection with beta 40

I install beta 40 this morning then...

I reinstall beta 39, it's ok.

Reinstall beta 40...


same, i have been getting heuristic warning for the past 3 updates.

Test with VirusTotal, and remember Defender is trash these days.

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With Kaspersky Total Security, "no threats detected"

Maybe Defender is not a good antivirus but it comes with Windows.
Since I have been using Opus, I know that it is a safe program, but it is still a big problem if Defender prevents the installation of the software. No?

Problem is not the installation file, Defender does not detect anything about installation file.
Installation starts, then failed because dopuslib.dll can be register, because not installed, because detected as virus.

Defender has always randomly flagged things when our code-signing certificate is renewed, apparently even when we’re using the new super secure and expensive certificates that guarantee identity and require a USB key to sign anything.

It’s annoying but there is nothing we can do about it other than advise using a better antivirus. Microsoft don't seem to care what they do to other companies. Maybe all affected software companies should join together and sue Microsoft? :slight_smile:

This is yet another fault in Defender. Only Microsoft can fix it.

Recently i had TOR stopped working. Guess what. Yes, it was Defender, having messed up things.

Amen to that! :slight_smile:

@Leo - do you submit each build to VirusTotal as part of the release process, as that might help them fix it faster, if they're one of the only ones with the FP ?

Not currently. It shouldn’t be needed with good antivirus.

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Maybe so, but I use it and I haven't had any trouble installing recent betas


Windows Defender flagged it. IOBit Malware Fighter and eset online scanner did not. Prior beta versions of this file were not flagged. I deleted it ( I got tired of the constant alarms) and used the .40 beta version in its stead. Curious as to what the file provides a viewer(s) for.

Windows Defender is trash. Ignore it.

are the two still needed since 32bit has been removed?


I haven't encountered this but I thought people were saying the .40 beta version was where the problem was encountered.

Also, I didn't think anybody else mentioned viewers.

Two different issues?

It's the same issue: Defender is trash.

Nothing about docsvw*.exe even changed between versions, other than the certificate that signs the exes (as the old one expired, as happens every few years).

If you have problems with Defender, report them to Microsoft or switch to a better antivirus (e.g. ESET NOD32).

I use ESET NOD32. It's dirt cheap and worth the money. Everytime I try Defender it ends up being overzealous and bothering me with false positives.

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