Trouble with dual vertical listers left pane locked

So when I am in dual vertical listers, whenever I click any command button (such as change view), or click a favorites button in the folder tree on the left, it affects the right side lister pane only, instead of the pane I have focused. So for example, if I highlight a file in the left pane, and then click a different folder in favorites, it switches my right side pane to the favorite, not the left which I am working in. Can anyone direct me to what setting or thing I have toggled that is causing this?

You might have changed something in Preferences / Folder Tree / Selection Events. The menu lets you reset the page.

I don't want to reset all my settings just to fix one issue, that would cause more issues than I currently have.

NVM I misunderstood, I checked that specific page and no changes have been made to it.

Please show a screenshot of the window just before you click the button, and point to the button you're pushing so we can see which kind of toolbar it's on.

I think I inadvertently fixed it. When IXP suggested the preferences, I remembered that we have backups. So I exported my current settings and then reloaded a previous backup. The backup changed too much stuff that I had made changes to so I reverted to the backup I made today and that seemed to fix the original issue. Perhaps just a bug that was fixed when I restarted Opus.