Trying to make a theme, cannot get right size picture

I've been trying my best to make a theme of an anime character with art of them, but I can't get the images to be the right size. I try centering the image in the folder tree, and it zooms in on it. I'm having issues like that. What are the best image sizes and techniques for making themes? Thanks in advance.

Try setting it to tiled instead.of stretched or shared. It should then appear as-is.

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Awesome! I'm starting to get the hang of it. Is there a way to keep the window a locked size when it isn't full screen?
Edit: By the way, did you make this program? Props to you, I'm totally loving it!


It shouldn't usually resize itself, but it won't stop you resizing it either.

You could make a button, menu item, or hotkey which sets the window to a fixed size if you want a quick way to undo accidental resizes (or when Windows resizes things because the monitors changed, etc.):

Set LISTERSIZE=1000,800

(You can also do it using layouts, but using a command probably makes more sense if you just want to quickly reset the window size.)

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I made some parts of it. @Jon made more of it, and @Greg also made some other parts of it too.