Trying to make a toggle thumbnails/thumbnail toolbar button

Yeah, basically what the subject says. I want it so that when I hit the button, it shows the files as thumbnails, and displays the thumbnail toolbar, and pressing it again turns off the thumbnail toolbar, and reverts the view mode to what it was previously.

All I can manage so far is a button that toggles the toolbar and displays thumbnails (without reverting on subsequent presses).

The fuction is currently as such :

Toolbar NAME=Nudel-Images STATE=bottom TOGGLE LOCAL Set VIEW=Thumbnails

Any ideas? Thanks.

This will toggle the toolbar and toggle between Details and Thumbnails modes:

Toolbar NAME=Nudel-Images STATE=bottom TOGGLE LOCAL
Set VIEW=Details,Thumbnails

Yeah, I suppose that works, though it'd be nice to have a somewhat more elegant solution.

Speaking of which, is there any way to make dopus enable/disable toolbars through content type detection? Since that'd be even better if it would just automatically display thumbnails/toolbar if there were images in the folder. Thanks.

There isn't a way to do that at the moment. I believe it's on the feature request list although I don't now if it's planned for development or not. It's certainly not a bad idea, along with being able to have toolbars appear for specific folders as well.

(If the toolbars are part of the folder format then it makes both things possible, although I'm not sure what happens with a dual-display lister... I guess the toolbars add-up.)

Is the Nudel-Images toolbar available for download/evaluation by others or are lazy people, like me, expected to create their own custom toolbars from scratch! :wink:

Cheers, AB

It's included by default in the latest version of Opus - if you are up-to-date, you already have it :slight_smile: