Trying to open and give focus to Directory Opus, from Webstorm

I created an "external Tool" in Webstorm, to open Directory Opus to a selected directory.

I use :

Program : C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe
Parameters : /acmd Go $FileDir$

This does work! But Directory Opus doesn't get the focus...

Is there a way to force Directory Opus to get the focus when using such command?

[ul][li]For now:

Using /acmd GO "$FileDir$" NEWTAB=tofront is probably your best bet for now, if you need it to be a single command.

(It is possible to do it without opening a new tab, but would require either running two separate commands or creating a user-command, script-command or batch file that could act as a single command which then runs two commands.)

[li]Once we release Opus 11.16.4:

You'll be able to use /acmd GO "$FileDir$" TOFRONT as we have just added a TOFRONT argument to handle this case more easily.[/li][/ul]

Works perfectly!

Many thanks.