Turn off 'Ignore Extension' in Rename custom button?

I recently upgraded from DOpus 10 to 12 and some of my custom commands behave differently. I have a couple to rename files with a specific filename format using regex, for instance:

Rename ADVANCED TYPE=files REGEXP PATTERN "(.+)_(.*)(\..*)" TO "\1\3"

However every time I launch it I have to manually uncheck "Ignore Extension." This seems to be an issue with using 'ADVANCED' (I like to see the dialog and look at the filename previews before I proceed) because, if I remove that switch, the rename works.

I see there is a switch 'IGNOREEXT' available to turn it on, but with 'ADVANCED' enabled it seems to be on by default and there's no switch to do the opposite.

I realize I can modify my expression to not deal with the extension its self (in this particular case) but I'm just curious why this behavior is what it is -- seems like a bug?

We'll add a NOIGNOREEXT argument in the next update for this:

Rename ADVANCED TYPE=files REGEXP PATTERN "(.+)_(.*)(\..*)" TO "\1\3" NOIGNOREEXT

You'll need to edit your button either way, but that might make it a bit easier.

Although in this case, I'd recommend editing the pattern instead of using the new argument. It simplifies your button and allows it to work better with multi-part extensions such as .part01.rar, which Opus will consider as the file extension while your regex would see .rar as the extension:

Rename ADVANCED TYPE=files REGEXP PATTERN "(.+)_.*" TO "\1"

If you aren't bothered about files that start with a _, you could even avoid the need for regexp entirely now:


The new arg will also make it possible to do interactive renames specified via command line arguments (instead of presets) where you really do need the Ignore Extensions option to be off. That is something we overlooked until now:


Also note that Ignore Extensions is only turned on by default when the Rename dialog opens interactively. Non-interactive renames are unchanged. In other words, the change in Opus 12 only affects (fairly rare) buttons which specify patterns on the command line but still force the Rename dialog to open via the ADVANCED argument so you can look at and modify things before applying the rename. If you have similar commands which are non-interactive (i.e. no ADVANCED arg) then they will still work the same way they used to. The older IGNOREEXT exists so that non-interactive rename commands can take advantage of the Ignore Extensions functionality.

Thanks Leo!

Points taken on the renaming patterns; there's more than one way to skin a cat :slight_smile: Was just curious if was an expected behavior or not.

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