Two Different operating systems on same computer


Put another shrimp on the Barbee please.

I purchased a 64 bit version of your program several months ago. It works great.

Here's the problem. I have two different operating systems on my computer. Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit and Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

The other day the 32 bit system went bonkers. It refused to boot and when it did all I had was garbage.

So I reinstalled it. Now it's working fine, but it got mixed in with my 64 bit system somehow and now it is not working.

I've decided to make the 32 bit OS my primary business system and just play around with the 64 bit system. Even if I use both, I can only use one OS at a time.

So my request is can I get a key free for my 32 bit Vista Ultimate as I intend to use it 80% of the time now and cut back on my use of my 64 bit system.

I may however, get Windows 7 64 bit and see what it is all about, but that is not a problem at this time.

I am at a loss though on my 32 bit system working without Directory Opus.

Won't you help?


The keys are not specific to 32-bit or 64-bit. You can install either version.

Thanks, I'll try and find it. I may have lost all the data in my contact managers on my 64 bit os where I stored them on ACT! 2009

Hopefull Opus will see this and will be able to verify that I purchased the 64 bit version for about 7,000 pennies a few months ago and send me my current key for the 64 bit.

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See from which you should be able, I think, to retrieve your registration code.