Two Favorites Menus?

I upgraded from v8 and just noticed today that when I look in the Favorites menu, there's two sections! The top one is the one I use, the bottom looks like recent files I was in back in v8. They don't change, however. I've turned on and off "recent" folders, no difference. There's even two "Open in tabs" entries!

Obviously this is something that got piped in from my old prefs, but I've been unable to find where this is. My favorites.ofv in my app data only contains the proper, new paths.

Any thoughts?



post a screen grab

Aren't these SmartFavorites(tm)? I.e., frequently visited localities? Could be wrong, but check Preferences > Favorites & Recent > SmartFavorites



Yeah, they're SmartFavorites. Edit the toolbar and remove the item called SmartFavorites if you don't want them to be listed in the menu.

Alternatively, turn off SmartFavorites in Preferences and also click the link at the bottom of the SmartFavorites Prefs page which clears the list. Then you can leave the item in the menu as it will generate an empty list, as if it's not there.

Yeah, I figured they were SF, but I haven't had that enabled for some time. I finally actually noticed the "clear smartfav list" text on the prefs dialog isn't just informative, but is actually a hot click area. sigh GUI police! :wink:

Sorry about that.