Two location bars, one bound to each lister

Essentially what I want, is a vertical file display (one left and one right), and above the file display will be a toolbar which contains two location bars (path, breadcrumbs, favourites etc...) above each file display.

Changing the location in the left location field will be represented in the left file display, and the right location field will update the right file display.

A little like the screenshot, notice the left file display is C:\Program Files, but the location bar says C:\Windows

Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks

Enter customize mode (Settings -> Customize) and then right-click one of the location bars and choose Edit. In the window that appears, type either left or right into the Args field.

(You can also type dest to bind the field to the destination file display.)

If there is already something in the Args field, separate additional arguments with commas. e.g. driveroot,left


Is there any way to extend this with filters and have two separate filters for left and right? Tried with the above arguments, but no joy.


I'd use the Filter Bar instead. That's already individual to each side.

Sorry for the late reply! thanks very much. Will look into it! :slight_smile:

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