Two problems with recent versions under Win10

Hello, since updating to Windows 10 the most recent versions of DOpus (I am currently on 11.16 but it affected the last few updates too) have a few hickups for me.

Firstly, double clicking on the desktop no longer works. If it is the first time trying to do so after a re/boot it will bring up a error window, but at any other time nothing happens. I have to click the taskbar icon or normal icon to bring up my listers.

Secondly, my Logitech mouse's forward and back buttons do not work in DOpus listers. They work elsewhere (for example browsers) but not DOpus. I have gone in to Settings/Customise Toolbars/Keys/ and checked Browser Backward and Browser Forward are okay. I have checked my mouse's settings and even tried adding a custom setting for DOpus, but nothing works.

The dbl click on desktop I can live with, but not having a backwards button on my mouse for the listers is a real headache!

Can someone help please?

Thanks, Sam / Bifford.

Are you running Opus elevated via UAC ("run as administrator")? See here.

UAC is off in Windows.

Is UAC literally off, or is the slider in the control panel just at the bottom? (The lowest slider setting does not turn off UAC in newer versions of Windows; it just automatically clicks 'yes' to UAC prompts before they appear.)

To check, please open Task Manager, go to the Details tab, then right-click the header at the top of the list and click Select Columns. Add the Elevated column and see what it says for dopus.exe and explorer.exe:

While there, check also that dopusrt.exe is in the list of running processes, since it is required for desktop double-click to work.

UAC slider is at its bottom position. I do not recall doing anything to stop UAC other than that.

dopus.exe has "Yes" for "Elevated".
dopusrt.exe has "No" for "Elevated".
explorer.exe has "No" for "Elevated".

So I did as the thread linked to above said and turned off the Run as Administrator and after a reboot both of the above problems have been solved.

Leo - I thank you very very heartily for your quick help with this. My Windows use has just become tons better once more.

FYI - I've been a supporter since my days using an Amiga and will always use your great program. Many thanks!

Sam / Bifford

Glad it's fixed!