Two questions about Lister and Folder Tree

When I have this Lister Layout:

I want to switch now to Dual Horizontal without Dual Folder View by clicking F8 but then this happens:

I think it is a bug, not a feature.

My second question is that I want to reduce the width of the folder tree in this view. The default Lister has a file "default.oll" where I can edit the width (width:270px):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<lister_layout flags="1">

<layout flags="0x10b00002b" tree_size="270,0"

Is there a file for this special layout, too?

The F8 hotkey only toggles the main tree on or off. If you want it to toggle both, edit it and change the command from Set TREE=Toggle to Set TREE=Toggle,Dual.

Note that if Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Open second Folder Tree in dual display mode is turned on then it'll do that automatically and you don't need to do anything else.

You shouldn't edit those files by hand, or even need to look at them.

If you want to update a layout or style, load it, change things in the lister, then save over it. (Or edit it via Preferences / Layouts and Styles, if you want to change one of the settings shown in the UI there, of course.)

In this case I must edit the file "Dual Horizontal.osy" by hand, otherwise I'd have no chance to change the width of the folder tree. In Preferences\Layout and Styles there is no possibility to change it (or am I wrong):

Edit Lister Style

So I added to the file only: "tree_size="270,0"" and, Attaboy I now have the width of the folder tree I wish to have. :wink: But thank you, because you gave me the idea to find out how to do it. :kissing_heart:

You don't have to edit anything by hand.

Load the layout. Resize the tree. Re-save the layout (e.g. by right-clicking it in the menu of layouts).

You never have to edit an XML config file by hand.

OK, this is a possibility, too, shame on me. But if you want to have the width of all layouts with absolute accuracy (not a pixel too large) then it's a must.

And for the Command Editor when you label a new Button. The Label field is limited to 67 characters which sometimes is not enough. :grin: