Two questions - Anyone? Diropus and FTP

  1. how do you force a drive refresh when new directory items added?
  2. Ftp - When updated a remote directory with additional data..does the FTP merge or replace the direcoty?

Thanks much...

  1. Push F5

  2. It merges (at least by default).

Thanks Leo for the prompt reply...
As for the refresh, I know about the F5 refresh but as i understand how it works, it refreshes the folder that is in focus at the time. What I need to do is refresh a specific drive or all the drives as when starting DirOpus. Is there a way to do that?? I know i can terminate and restart but I was hopeful that there was a command to rescan the drives without having to terminate the program. I have searched the FAQ and docs looking and so far have not been able to find anything specific...

Are you talking about FTP or in general?

(It's confusing if you've asked a non-FTP question as the only significant word in the thread's subject is "FTP".)

Sorry for the confusion, my bad...FTP is good, you answered that question.

rescan in general for all drives. I have 4 1.5tb drives in my case, 4 1tb usb external drives, and 4 1tb drives in a NAS case...I have a lot of raw camera files which takes up a lot of space (real estate Photographer). I need to be able to rescan the drives or selected drives on demand due to projects(constantly changing). is that possible??

You should not need to manually refresh non-FTP drives, unless there is a problem with the drive itself not sending notifications properly (which is common with some Samba configurations and other non-Windows network drives).

Please see the Changes to folders are not always detected FAQ for suggestions and possible workarounds.