UAC prompts on Windows shares

Here is my setup:

Two computers, both running Win7 SP1 64-bit, and DOpus 64-bit. Both computers are hosting SMB shares. Both computers have a single user account, with the same username and password. This user account is in the Administrators group, and has taken ownership of all files on the shared drives. UAC notification level is at Default.

From either computer, if I attempt to move folders on a Windows share using Directory Opus, it throws up a UAC prompt for every folder moved. This happens ONLY when all of the following are true:

  • when using DOpus (never with Explorer)
  • when accessing via shares (never from the local machine)
  • when the items to be moved are folders (moving files is not an issue)
  • when moving the folders (creating, renaming, and deleting folders does not cause a UAC prompt)

To make things funkier, if I decline the UAC prompt... it doesn't actually prevent the operation. Folders get moved regardless of what I do at the UAC prompt.

The share permissions grant Change to the Users group and Full Control to Administrators. NTFS permissions grant Modify to Users, and Full Control to Administrators. I've tried granting Full Control to Everyone on both share and NTFS, but that didn't change anything.

Can anyone shed some insight on what the flying frack is happening to trigger elevation here?

If you turn off the Update permissions/encryption to match the destination option in Preferences / File Operations / Copying, does it stop the prompts appearing?

It does indeed. Thanks for the quick response.

I can live with that as a workaround - I currently have the same permissions set for the full contents of my network drives, so there's no immediate need to update permissions based on location.

Nonetheless, any tips on avoiding the problem entirely?

I just did another test from my laptop, and the laptop is not experiencing the same problem. It is running Windows 7 without SP1, and has version of DOpus installed - it otherwise should have the same DOpus configuration, as its configuration was what I imported into the two computers that have the problem. So perhaps a compatibility issue introduced with SP1? Or somewhere between and

That option calls SetNamedSecurityInfoW() to set the file security on the moved folder to match its new parent folder. If SetNamedSecurityInfoW() returns ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED then Opus will show an elevation prompt, so presumably that's what's happening. The UAC prompt is supressed for individual files but displayed for folders, so this would fit with what you're seeing.

(the option can also cause CompressFIleW or EncryptFileW to be called if the target folder is encrypted or compressed, so it could be those calls as well that are failing, but it's more likely to be SetNamedSecurityInfoW).

Why this is happening I can't really say - maybe the shared folder doesn't let network users change permissions?

I'll poke at it a bit more when I have more time. Like I said, my laptop doesn't get the UAC prompt, and it's hitting the same shares with the same credentials - I'd like to see if that changes after I install SP1 or update DOpus on the laptop. For now, thanks for the help.