UAC temporary elevation for a lister in Windows 7

I'm running Directory Opus current version 8/01/2010, in 32 bit Windows 7.

I want to rearrange my Start Menu (which shortcuts are in which folders).

Windows 7 allows me to rearrange the shortcuts inside my User Start Menu
C:\Users\Alan\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
without needing elevated privileges,

but elevation is needed to rearrange items in
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
which contains the other half of the Start Menu, for all users.

So I added the Dopus toolbar icon for giving the lister temporary elevation,
and I clicked it and chose to elevate for 15 minutes.
The icon is then highlighted, so I presume this lister is now elevated.

But still, I get a UAC prompt for every file move between subfolders in
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
(I use Right-drag and drop, and choose Move)

Does that mean the lister was not really elevated
(even though the toolbar icon was highlighted)
or does it mean Windows ignores Dopus's lister's elevated status when doing that particular job?

It works ok here when I try it. A) Check the Lister is really elevated (It will say Administrator in the toolbar) and B) Check that the 'Move' command on the context menu you are choosing is really an Opus command and not a third-party shell extension of some sort.

Thanks for your quick reply jon

The lister's title bar says Administrator, and the toolbar icon also indicates it's elevated.
I have now discovered that if I use the the Left mouse button to drag and drop between folders, it works without a UAC prompt.
I only get a UAC prompt for every move using the Right mouse button to drag and drop.

I am in the habit of doing all drag-and-drop operations with the right button, to get a context menu, to be extra sure not to get unpredictable results such as Move/Copy/Create Shortcut.

PS This is a very new install of Windows 7 and Opus (2 days) and i have not installed any unusual shell extensions etc.
Is it possible to make the right drag and drop context menu use Opus commands, not commands supplied by Windows7 (which i guess is what's happening)?

Ah, let me guess - are you dropping to the tree?
I've just been able to reproduce the problem by doing that.
However if you have a dual Lister and drop from one side to the other, you should find it works ok.

This looks like a bug, we'll try to fix it for the next version.

Yes, I was dropping from the file panel to a folder in the tree.
I'll do it with a dual lister in future, from file panel to file panel.
Thanks for your help jon :slight_smile:

That is a good tip Alan, did not notice this elevation toolbar icon before! Thanks :smiley:

Thanks sam0t
Yes that Opus button for going into Admin mode temporarily is a brilliant idea.

I agree with jon's advice not to run Opus as Admin (i.e. with elevated permissions), except temporarily for particular jobs, which he explains very well here:
[Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator under UAC)

I know some people get annoyed by UAC prompts and turn them off completely for the whole system, but personally I find those occasional prompts quite reassuring - that the system is watching out for potentially dangerous actions.