Ultimate file scheduler

My suggestion of killing feature. No one explorer has similar. Even I don't know dedicated program for that.

Short. Possibility to create scheduled tasks to move / delete / copy files which match filters.

For example. Downloads folder. Auto sorting files by type in it. Moving files older than week into 'old' folder. Deleting files older than 30d. And all this automatically, on schedule or in real-time.

You could do that via the Windows Task Scheduler and the commands built into Windows.

Yes, but need a lot of time for that. Learn code. Write code. Download additional programs like forfiles. With gui and powerful search engine in Dopus it would be easy and unique. We are in 2020, and no simple way for that awesome feature.

You don't need additional programs for it, and DOS commands are no more complex than Opus commands.

What value would Opus add here?

You also would not want Opus progress dialogs and error messagss appearing out of nowhere when a scheduled task runs. Opus is designed to be interactive, which is very different than what you would want for a scheduled task.

Mixing "powerful search engine", "automatically" and "delete" sounds like a recipe for desaster to me.

Opus adds:

  • GUI. Simple creating tasks
  • sync function
  • error handling (skip or rename)
  • moving subfolders into subfolders

Idk how to get last access time in dos. Very complex scripts with a lot of FOR. Different methods for deleting files and folders. Also Win scheduler will call black command window every scheduled launch.
I tried to batch and that was very difficult. Even delete folder with subfolders is not 1 command

Here is a free (and open source) program that performs automated file management:


No need to learn any coding or stuff like that. Be sure to look at the "How To Use DropIt?" further down in the page to get some ideas.

Hm, it uses slightly different approach. But have such function.
I found also similar software review, may be useful.
Stopped on Automation workbench with powerful planner features.

Thanks for help :slight_smile: