UltraWide monitor 3440 x 1440 -tiny font in Preferences and Customize

I am using an ultra-wide monitor, physical size: 814mm x 359mm, and native resolution 3440 x 1440. I've got Windows 10 set to that resolution (which it says is recommended).

All well and good, but the font size of menus is way too tiny to see without giving me eyestrain. I have the same problem with the Preferences and Customize windows. Holding the ctrl key down and using the mouse scroll wheel never fails in a web browser, but Dopus ignores that approach, (except in the file display pane).

I looked through the nightmare world of Preferences *, but I couldn't see anything to change font size for the above, for example in Display|Colors and Fonts|Fonts.

Please explain how to increase the font sizes in Preferences, Customize and system menus. (BTW I have figured it out for the toolbars, directory tree and file panels.)

  • It's all very well Dopus having the key objective to enable users to customize its UI in just about any way they want, but you really need to make it easier to do. Please bin the Prerences windows and its myriad of confusing settings, and replace it with a user-centric system. Ideally, I would like to be able to move the mouse pointer at a grief area of the Dopus window, and hit a key to bring up an AI that asks me questions about the problem. I guess that will be a few versions away though.

The default font sizes should be the same in Opus as in almost every other program on your desktop. Are they different, or are you having the same problem in other software as well?

You can adjust the scaling size in Windows if you want larger fonts and icons, and Opus will adjust to that size. (You need to reboot after making the change.)

You can also adjust the fonts and sizes of individual elements of listers and toolbars within Opus, but you would want to make sure the default sizing is correct first (since not all fonts can be adjusted, and in other software none of them can be), and you don't normally need to adjust individual fonts unless you want something unusual vs the rest of your desktop/applications.

Leo, thanks for your fast reply.

I already have Windows scaling set to 125%

Most other apps look fine, e.g. Beyond Compare, EM-Client, Libre Office. Paint.net, Notepad, Notepad++, Microsoft Visual Studio2017, VLC Media Player, and many others.

It's Dopus Preferences window etc. that has the tiny fonts. I've got the File Display set to Sergio UI 12 pt. I would say the font in the Preferences pane is 8 pt or less. My monitor is large but I have to put my eyes about 50 cm away to read such a tiny font.

8pt and 9pt are the standard font sizes in Windows.

If those are too small for the pixel density then you should increase the scaling amount.

E.g. the word "menu" on the Visual Studio Options dialog and Opus Preferences:

Please could you explain your brief comment about 8pt and 9pt being standard sizes? Standard sizes for what? Font visibility also depends on the font-type.

I tried increasing the scaling as you suggested. I went from 125% to 150% . It makes everything look too large, except for the above Dopus Windows which are now just about readable.

It wasn't a problem until I got this new hi-res monitor.

Can you not provide a setting to specify the font size of the Preferences and Customize popup windows?

I've taken a screenshot of VS-2017 and Dopus Preferences side-by-side. This is with my Windows scaling set to 150% too. The font sizes just do not tally :-1:

It looks like you haven't rebooted since changing the scaling amount?

No , Windows did not ask me to reboot. It re-scaled without the need to reboot. I will do so now. I have a fast SSD so it will only take a minute.

Have rebooted and Dopus has changed its Preferences font-size. Other things I was running picked up the scaling change automatically before the reboot, so it looks like Dopus is not picking up the re-scaling message from Windows, or is choosing not to act upon it dynamically.
I guess this resolves the main problem. I now to do the dirty work and re-scale all the fonts I changed previously, Directory tree, menus, toolbars, file list pane, etc. It's a shame Dopus doesn't have an application-wide font-scaling setting.

Thanks for your help Leo. I'll close this.