Unable to copy items between Customize and File Types context-menus


Want to duplicate an item
… fromCustomize ▷ Context Menus ▶ Lister Context
… to File Types ▷ "All files and folders" ▶ Context Menu

Problem behavior

Can't do that because the Paste right-click item is dimmed.

Expected behavior

Right-click menu Paste option active in both context-menu editors.


  • Directory Opus 12.24 x64
  • Windows Pro 20H2 build 19042.985

In the File Types Context-Menus copy/paste only works within. You'll need to edit/create the buttons and copy/paste the commands directly.

@Ixp Got you, alas I was hoping there was a more efficient method, since that means a lot of copy pasting code between buttons in my case.

@Jon or @Leo Nothing crucial, but as a minor suggestion for improved usability: Seeing that you can copy/paste buttons between Customize > context menu and Toolbars, I think it's logical to assume you'd also be able to do so between File Types > Context Menu and the Toolbar.